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    Testi Kebabı

    Here in Nevşehir the clay pots are made for a main reason: the tasty Testi kebabı (clay-pot kebab)! Testi kebabı is very original. And it is also very healthy and delicious with the ingredients of meat and different vegetables. At this kind of cooking, meals are slowly cooked in traditional ovens. Therefore, they have a smoky aroma and more flavour.

    Other Local Delicacies

    There are many different tasty meals of Nevşehir: Soğanlama with onion, egg, pepper and tomato; Ağpakla with white bean, butter and meat; Gendime with chickpea, wheat and meat; Dıvıl with potato and cracked wheat, Stuffed Apricot and Quince with minced meat and different spices!

    Healthy Desserts

    Sweet tooths never disappoint at Nevşehir: They will have a feast with pumpkin dessert, Köftür (a kind of Turkish delight contains grape juice of the region), Dolaz (a flour halva with butter), grape molasses and so on…

    All tasty meals and deserts of Nevşehir contain local, natural and healthy ingredients of the region!